How it works?

Patients can upload a picture of their dermal injuries else a Doctor will be able to diagnose him. Patients have the chance of know the progress of their dermal injuries and Doctors can improve their diagnostics, and earn money with thant.

Patient pays for a diagnostic finished and Doctors earn money for each diagnostic than they provide.

If a Doctor is not able to diagnose an injury he/she can throw a preliminar diagnostic and request a second opinion for the medical community of the platform.

Coming soon on Android and iOS


Sign up in the platform and you can start to earn money in less than 48h,You can help people making diagnosis wherever you want, whatever you want whenever you want. At home, during a travel, in the beach… We will pay you for each diagnostic.



Fill in the form made for our specialists, send two pictures and wait for the diagnostic.

You can check the progress of your lesions in time.

Protect your personal info. All the info provided to Doctors platform will be blind, so they will not able to know who they are diagnosing.



Become a TLMed User.